Whether you’re a newbie to the gym or a seasoned lifter, we have options for everyone who wants to get stronger, fitter and more confident in their own body 

There are two ways to train with us at Flex Fitness:

Personal One-On-One Training Sessions

For those who want a little more attention, our 1:1 coaching sessions are for you! If you want to refine and develop your lifting techniques and get personalized feedback each week, there is no other option!  It’s also great for those who are brand new to the gym or returning from a long break who need to work on the fundamentals.  Each individual program is based on your goals, experience level, strengths and weaknesses.

Semi-Private / Small Group Classes 

The Semi Private/Small Group Classes are designed for those who want to incorporate a strength training program throughout their week.  Our Semi Private/Small Group Classes are a great way to work alongside others in a fun, upbeat, and encouraging environment.

For more information about the programs mentioned above, contact me today!